MindJet IPL (Initial Purchase Level)

Customer Profile:

Recommended for small to medium-sized businesses requiring more than 5 licenses.


Ease of management of your licenses, your initial purchase determines the level for reorder during the term of the agreement.

Entry & Discount Levels:

The number of MindManager 7 licenses or upgrades purchased in the initial order determines the discount level. This level remains valid for the duration of the IPL agreement (1 year). These conditions apply for any licenses purchased subsequent to the initial order. Exception: if the quantity of licenses in a single order exceeds the quantity of licenses in the initial order, you will be moved into the corresponding discount level and receive better conditions for the remainder of the IPL agreement Discount programs available for Government, Charity & Education.

Maintenance & Upgrades:

Maintenance and Support is only available for Mindjet License Program customers.
Benefits: upgrade protection, telephone helpdesk support, priority case queuing, large scale deployment assistance, downgrade rights.
On expiry of the term of the agreement, the entitled company may continue to use the software licenses purchased under the terms of the agreement. The software licenses can be upgraded via the standard upgrade path.
The IPL License renews automatically every year. Termination is possible when notice given at least 8 weeks before end of agreement.

Delivery :

Electronic Software Delivery. The IPL license certificate is delivered via e-mail.

Downgrade Rights :

You can enjoy downgrade rights only when a Maintenance & Support agreement is in place.

Rules For Affiliate Offices:

The ILP Agreement is regional, you can cover other offices in the EMEA zone.


Licenses are perpetual.

How Do I Order?

Email sales@sellsoft.ie for an immediate quote and options.

Information Required With Orders:

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