Microsoft Open License Programme (OLP)

Customer Profile:

OLP is a flexible licensing programme suited for companies with 2 to 500 desktop PCs who wish to buy their Microsoft licenses outright. It is the simplest way for companies to save money over the retail boxed product.


OLP helps customers:

Entry & Discount Levels:

There is a minimum entry level purchase of 5 of any type of license, unless the purchase is for one server processor license or one MSDN license when this will suffice to start an agreement. Any quantity of licenses can then be added to this agreement under the same authorisation number.
There is a single discount level.

Maintenance & Upgrades:

Software Assurance (SA), which offers rights to the latest released version of Microsoft software, is optional and can be purchased with the license. SA lasts for the length of the agreement (up to 2 years) and can be renewed in blocks of 2 years. The renewal SA must be purchased within 90 days of expiry to guarantee continued coverage. The only upgrade options available under OLP are for operating systems, which will only install from a previous licensed version.


Licenses are emailed to the end-user and can be viewed on the eOpen website. License keys for products can also be obtained from the eOpen website. Media can be ordered at point of purchase or acquired separately and is shipped by courier to the end-user. Media CDs are keyless and can be used for installation of any number of licenses purchased by the end-user. End-users have the right to copy and use images, clip art, animations, sounds, music, shapes, video clips and templates provided with the software and identified for such use in documents and projects that you create. They may distribute those documents and projects non commercially. If customers wish to use these media elements or templates for any other purpose, they should go to to learn whether that use is allowed. Lost CDs can be replaced by purchasing a replacement in line with the licensed version of the software.

Rights to User Other Languages:

Under OLP, customers who acquire a license for a particular product are eligible to switch to another language version of that product for no additional charge, provided that the desired language version does not have a higher price than the originally acquired version.

Downgrade Rights:

Customers must purchase the latest version of the license but are allowed to downgrade to a previous version if required.

Rules for Affiliate Offices:

Customers can define their enterprise to: Affiliates or subsidiaries must be within the EU and orders must be placed with an authorised Microsoft reseller in the affiliate's country.


Licenses are perpetual.


Licenses may be RMA’d up to 21 calendar days (not working days) from when the order was processed with Microsoft. No replacement order is necessary.

How Do I Order ?

Email for an immediate quote and options.

Information Required With Orders:

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