Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Programme (EA)

Customer Profile:

Microsoft Enterprise is a perpetual agreement with built-in Software Assurance (SA) for companies with 250 or more desktops who want to acquire the latest Microsoft technology and standardise software across the enterprise.


Customer benefits include:

Entry & Discount Levels:

Minimum entry level of 250 PCs.
One level of discount, with an extra 15% Platform discount for purchasing all 3 Enterprise products:

Maintenance & Upgrades:

SA is built-in to the cost of the licenses and split over 3 years, with the option to renew after 3 years with SA only. There are no upgrades in Enterprise apart from the Operating System.


The customer has a direct contract with Microsoft, who sets up the customer agreement and the customer can immediately begin ordering. License agreements can be viewed in the Microsoft Volume License Services (MVLS) website. Order confirmations are also posted here. Free-of-charge media is provided on a regular basis from Microsoft and all software can be downloaded from the MVLS website.


Free-of-charge media is provided by Microsoft and it can also be downloaded from the MVLS website. You may copy and use images, clip art, animations, sounds, music, shapes, video clips and templates provided with the software and identified for such use in documents and projects that you create. You may distribute those documents and projects non-commercially. If you wish to use these media elements or templates for any other purpose, go to to learn whether that use is allowed.
Any new CDs purchased, or lost CDs replaced, must be in line with the customer’s licensed version.

Rights To Use Other Languages:

Under the Enterprise agreement, customers who acquire a license for a particular product are eligible to switch to another language version of that product for no additional charge, provided that the desired language version does not have a higher price than the originally acquired version.

Downgrade Rights:

Customers must purchase the latest version of the license but are allowed to downgrade to a previous version if required.

Rules For Affiliate Offices:

After a customer has signed an Agreement, they can sign an Enrollment at any time during the three-year term. Purchases placed under the Enrollment will count toward the forecast determined by the Agreement. Choose a single Enrollment or multiple Enrollments so each affiliate, department or subsidiary can have it's own. Customers can define their enterprise to: Affiliates or subsidiaries must be within the EU and orders must be placed with an authorised Microsoft reseller in the affiliate's country.


Licenses are perpetual.


Licenses may be RMA’dup to 21 calendar days (not working days) from when the order was processed with Microsoft. No replacement order is necessary.

How Do I Order?

Email for an immediate quote and options.

Information Required With Orders:

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