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Customer Profile:

GFi has a flexible licensing scheme for customers of all sizes.


Customers achieve discount based on the number of licenses they order for each product. Low entry levels for all products mean that even small companies can benefit. Many products are packaged as suites, where customers can save more money. Trial versions are available from the GFi website, which give full version functionality. When a license is purchased, the registration code can be used to unlock the trail, no new install is needed.

Entry & Discount Levels:

Minimum order levels vary depending on the product being purchased.

Maintenance & Upgrades:

Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) are purchased separately at approximately 20% of the price of the license. These are optional and can be bought at point of purchase or within 30 days of the original order date of the license. This includes free software version upgrades, as well as email and phone support during office hours. The minimum Software Maintenance Agreement fee per year is 100 (ex VAT). An SMA can only be purchased in 1-year intervals or multiples of 1 year. The starting date of a Software Maintenance Agreement is ALWAYS the date when the product was purchased, i.e., if you purchase on 1st May, then your SMA will also run from 1st May, and will expire a year after that. It is possible to order an upgrade, additional users or other add-ons to an existing product, so please talk to us at for further information. Current SMA holders are entitled to free upgrades.

Delivery :

If you choose to download the product you purchase from the GFI site and receive your registration code by email or fax, no delivery charges apply. Media may be ordered for an additional charge.

Media :

The number of media kits purchased cannot exceed the number of licenses ordered. Any new CDs purchased, or lost CDs replaced, must be in line with the customer's licensed version.

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Downgrade Rights:


Rules For Affiliate Offices:



Licenses are perpetual.

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How Do I Order?

Email for an immediate quote and options.

Information Required With Orders:

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