Corel Licensing Overview

Customer Profile:

The Corel Transactional License Programme (CTL) is designed for any business, department, government agency, registered charity or academic institution that requires licenses for one or more Corel products. Government customers benefit from immediate entry to Level J discount. Education/Charity customers also benefit from additional discounts on their purchases.

WinZip is now a Corel product and is also available under the CTL. However, WinZip offers high flexibility as only 2 units are required as minimum purchase and there is no ongoing purchase commitment. There are 14 price discount bands available to ensure customers save when purchasing in volume.


Customers benefit from high flexibility as there is no minimum purchase requirement, no ongoing purchase commitment, all current Corel products are available through CTL, offers volume discount within five discount levels (price bands) to ensure customers save when buying volume, home and laptop use.

Entry & Discount Levels:

There is no minimum order level, and the discount levels are :

Maintenance & Upgrades:

Corel maintenance offers software support and upgrade protection. For two years following the date of your maintenance purchase, receive the latest version of Corel software when released. Receive one Premium support incident for every 20 maintenance licenses purchased. Maintenance must be purchased with the license. Maintenance should be renewed at the end of two years following the date of maintenance purchases. Boxed products do not qualify for upgrade licenses.

Delivery :

Electronic license delivery directly from Corel to the end-user. Media is also delivered directly.

Media :

Media has to be ordered in conjunction with licenses. End users can purchase media up to the amount of licenses they purchase. However, as the license purchase entitles the customer to copy the media, one media pack is typically sufficient. Media can be copied up to the amount of licenses owned. Contact SellSoft for replacement of lost CDs at

Rights To Use Other Languages :

Rights to use other languages are allowed.

Downgrade Rights:

Software can be used one version back from the current if maintenance is purchased with the license.

Rules For Affiliate Offices:



Licenses are perpetual.

Return :

RMAs are accepted within 15 days of invoice. Corel then grants another 15 days for the end-user to return the declaration of de-installation issued by Corel. However, a replacement order is required.

How Do I Order?

Email for an immediate quote and options.

Information Required With Orders:

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