Computer Associates (CA) Licensing

Customer Profile:

CA Open License Programme (OLP) is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. There is no minimum entry level and all software from CA is covered under the programme.


OLP helps reduce the costs associated with evaluating, acquiring, implementing, deploying and maintaining CA software and services. OLP is a simplified licensing program with a single discount level (no more complicated quotes). OLP offers streamlined deployment with a single license key for multiple installations. OLP purchases are automatically registered taking the hassle out of product registration. There is also no minimum points level to qualify and customers benefit from the OLP discount level for 2 years.

Entry & Discount Levels:

There is no minimum order level, and only one discount price for commercial users. Further discounts are extended to Government, Charity and Educational Users.

Maintenance & Upgrades:

There is optional upgrade protection included in the maintenance licenses. These can be purchased for 1 or 2 years. Upgrades can be purchased under the license scheme form any previous version of CA software or a crossgrade from competitive software. Technical Support incident packs are also available to purchase.

The following maintenance options are available:

Delivery :

A license is delivered electronically and SellSoft also receives a copy of the license. Software can be downloaded from the website and an initial media pack is sent out directly from CA with first orders, with a hard copy of the license.

Media :

Media kits can be purchased separately or downloaded from the CA website. Any new CDs purchased, or lost CDs replaced, must be in line with the customerís licensed version.

Rights To Use Other Languages :

Rights to use other languages are allowed, depending on the product.

Downgrade Rights:

Downgrades to one version prior to current are allowed.

Rules For Affiliate Offices:



Licenses are perpetual.

Return :

RMAs are accepted within 30 days of invoice.

How Do I Order?

Email for an immediate quote and options.

Information Required With Orders:

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