Adobe TLP Licensing

Customer Profile:

Adobe Open Options 4.5 makes it easy for organisations of all sizes to get the benefits of volume ordering through the TLP and covers most Adobe desktop products. Licenses are purchased on a transactional basis.


Customers benefit from each transaction, depending on the points level they reach within a single transaction. Each product license or maintenance is granted a point value and points can be accumulated through purchasing multiple products and/or maintenance in one transaction, thereby maximizing the discount.

Entry & Discount Levels:

There is no minimum order level, and the discount levels are :

Maintenance & Upgrades:

Maintenance is known as an upgrade plan. These plans can be purchased at any time prior to the announcement of a new version release by Adobe, provided the customer is using the current version of the software. Maintenance is purchased for 2 years, with options to extend for a further 1 year.

Under TLP, the end user receives a license with both Mac and Win serial numbers.  The end user can install the licenses on either platform provided they have a copy of the media and do not install more copies of the software than they are licensed to use.


Each new customer is sent an email with a login and password to Adobe's licensing website inviting them to visit this site and retrieve their serial number(s) and certificate. SellSoft also keeps records of these licenses and sends them directly to the end-user.

A physical media kit or ESD media can be ordered with the license and used to install any number of licensed software.


The number of media kits purchased cannot exceed the number of licenses ordered. Volume license media only can be used to install licenses (i.e., not shrink-wrapped boxes). Adobe does not permit duplication of media. Lost CDs may be reordered through SellSoft.
Any new CDs purchased, or lost CDs replaced, must be in line with the customer’s licensed version.

Rights To Use Other Languages:

Rights to use other languages are not allowed, and customers must buy the correct license for the language they require.

Downgrade Rights:

Customers are allowed to downgrade, provided the customer already has a license with serial number and media. 

Rules For Affiliate Offices:



Licenses are perpetual.


RMAs are accepted within 30 days of invoice providing the end user completes Adobe's Letter of Destruction (LOD) statement on company letter-headed paper. As the license is a legally binding document, LODs must always be completed by the end user regardless of fault. No replacement order is required.

How Do I Order?

Email for an immediate quote and options.

Information Required With Orders:

End-user email
End-User delivery address

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